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Prairie Fire Art

OSS 80th Anniversary Paper Print

OSS 80th Anniversary Paper Print

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“Wanted: Volunteers for immediate overseas assignment. Knowledge of French or another European language preferred; Willingness and ability to qualify as a parachutist necessary; Likelihood of a dangerous mission guaranteed.”    - OSS Recruiting Notice 

80 years ago OSS teams prepared to jump into France behind German lines. Their partners would be the courageous French Resistance. All throughout German occupied France, these OSS Operational Groups and Jedburgh teams would harass and degrade enemy troop movements and resupply efforts. It was America’s first shadow war and the accomplishments of the OSS are legendary. To this day, their exploits inspire our intelligence and special operations communities. 

This print depicts an OSS unit working with French Resistance to ambush a German column near Bordeaux, France, 1944. This painting was commissioned to honor the 80th anniversary of OSS operations in the Invasion of France. The print measures 19" x 25" and is printed with museum grade archival inks and paper. Each print bears the Special Force patch and British Airborne Jump wings issued to OSS personnel in Operational Group and Jedburgh units. 

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