About the Artist

Samuel McIntire is a realism painter focused on capturing significant events in military history in fine art oil paintings. Each artwork is the culmination of significant research and study. Veterans of the conflict portrayed are consulted on every detail of the narrative. Experts in the equipment used inform the specifics of the depiction. When you see one of Samuel's paintings you are viewing a snapshot of what the moment was like - history brought to life. 

Samuel McIntire paints in the tradition of the 19th century French artists like Ernest Meissonier, Edouard Detaille and Alphonse de Neuville. He models his style and attention to historical details closely after the contemporary American artists James Dietz and Don Troiani. Using the finest quality oil paints and panels, Samuel incorporates classic techniques to paint modern stories. He is widely recognized as the future of military history art.

Drawing upon his own military service, Samuel references his experience in Special Forces to inform each painting. As a modern academic military history artist, Samuel is unique in this respect. He believes that is vital for a military artist to have a close relationship with the subjects he paints. For Samuel, many of his subjects are friends and former colleagues. Even with subjects rooted in the Second World War, decades of prior friendship inform depictions long after the veterans of that conflict have passed away. 

In commissioning Samuel to create a painting, history will be documented in the most accurate way possible and with a dramatic storytelling that will contribute something truly unique to our visual history. In high demand, Samuel is only able to accept certain select commissions at this time. If you have a serious request for a significant contribution to military history art, please contact us. In particular Samuel is focused on painting the following historical subjects: (1) The history of American Special Operations (2) the battle history of the Vietnam War (all units and organizations) (3) the story of the OSS in WWII (4) the Medal of Honor (5) the battle history of the Global War on Terror (all units and organizations). If you have a commission request outside of this list, but it would represent a significant historical subject (such as an earlier conflict or underrepresented group), please still contact us. 

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