"The Professional" Billy Waugh MACVSOG Special Forces Portrait

"The Professional" Billy Waugh MACVSOG Special Forces Portrait

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"The Professional"

Billy Waugh had a 50 year career in Army Special Forces and as a paramilitary officer.  He patrolled the jungles of Laos and Vietnam. He hunted down Carlos the Jackal. He was the first to put sights on UBL and he invaded Afghanistan when most said he was too old for the mission. "Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young".

The best part of this project was sitting down with SGM Waugh and discussing his missions - or at least what little he is at liberty to share. While this drawing is a tribute to his entire career, it specifically shows SGM Waugh on a MACVSOG recon mission. Deep in the jungle, moving slowly, cautiously, listening to every sound and constantly scanning the bush for NVA. At the time he was older than most on the recon teams and he felt a tremendous duty to his men - to see them through each mission alive. To this day, Billy still invests in younger generations of quiet professionals. He is the consummate professional soldier. He is a great American.

This print measures 12" x 16". Signed by the artist. Signed by Billy Waugh.