Strength & Honor Series: Mike Glover Print Collection
Strength & Honor Series: Mike Glover Print Collection

Strength & Honor Series: Mike Glover Print Collection

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The Strength & Honor Series is a one of a kind art collection with each signature release telling a specific combat veteran's story. This is the first release in the series: Mike Glover.

SGM (ret.) Mike Glover spent 18 years in the US Army Special Operations with experience in the following positions: SF Weapons Specialist, SF Sniper, SF Assaulter/Operator, SF Recon Specialist, SF Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC), SF Team Sgt, and SF Operations SGM. He is the now the founder and CEO of Fieldcraft Survival.

In 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2013, Mike served combat tours in Iraq. During much of that time, Mike was an assaulter in the CIF and worked extensively with Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) finding, fixing and finishing the enemy. In particular, Mike values the time he spent working with the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Force (ICTF). This painting depicts American Special Forces CIF conducting a raid with ICTF on an insurgent target. It is the critical moment when the international team crosses the threshold and goes "into the breach" to take the fight to the enemy. The artist and Mike decided to show this moment in the painting in order to emphasize the brotherhood shared and tested in battle. This painting is deeply personal to Mike and stands as a representation of his legacy. Each print bears Mike's signature. 

Included in the fine art print set is a pencil portrait of Mike Glover from the same campaign portrayed in the larger print. Mike is wearing the exact same kit that he carried into battle. Each portrait print is also signed by Mike. 

The first in the Strength & Honor Series, this print set is a unique collection. Each print is signed by Mike Glover and the artist. The larger print, "Brotherhood" has an image size of 18" x 24" and a total print size of 22" x 28". The smaller portrait print of Mike is 8" x 10". Both giclees are printed on the highest quality museum grade heavy paper with the highest quality archival inks.

The release of this print will close on Saturday, April 16th at midnight. This is the only opportunity to acquire this print set with Mike's signatures. Additionally, when you purchase this set you are contributing to an important cause: 10% of all profit from the sale of this print collection will be donated to the new ICTF documentary being produced by Fieldcraft Survival and Black Rifle Coffee Company. Mike is on a mission to honor the men of the ICTF and tell the story of American and Iraqi brotherhood that is largely unknown to most Americans. We are very grateful to contribute to this effort. 

This original art represents a unique moment in our Nation's history and an important story for all Americans to learn about and remember. We hope that this unique collectors set will inspire honor and gratitude in your home or office for many years. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as Mike and the artist have to sign each print before it is shipped to your door.