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"Resistance" WWII OSS Jedburgh Canvas Giclee Art Print

"Resistance" WWII OSS Jedburgh Canvas Giclee Art Print

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“Wanted: Volunteers for immediate overseas assignment. Knowledge of French or another European language preferred; Willingness and ability to qualify as a parachutist necessary; Likelihood of a dangerous mission guaranteed.”

In 1944, the Jedburgh teams of the American OSS and the British SOE (including French officers) dropped into Nazi occupied Europe to organize, train and lead into battle the resistance forces of France, the Netherlands and other European nations. The uniquely equipped men and women of American and British special operations were instrumental liberating Europe.

This painting depicts an American Jedburgh officer meeting members of the French Resistance. His uniform is modeled after photographs of Jack Singlaub and Bill Colby in the field. The map is an exact copy of a 1938 Michelin map of France. The bottle of calvados is without a label as almost all we’re home made. The binoculars and case are taken from photos of Singlaub equipped for his jump into France. The officer also wears a Gallet Clamshell Cronograph - a very popular with choice with American aviators and special operations officers in Britain during the lead up to the invasion. 

These prints will be, I hope, a memorial for these courageous men and women that will hang in your home or office for years to come. The canvas prints are limited to just 50. The canvas prints will ship rolled and it is recommended that you take them to your favorite custom frame shop to get them stretched and varnished before framing. There is also a very exclusive series of canvas prints (stretched, varnished and framed) with hand painted touch-ups and personalized to one of six actual OSS veterans with an original pencil portrait of the respective veteran. If you are interested in one of those, please contact via email on this website. 

Canvas Giclee Edition - limited to just 50 (image 30" x 30")

"Jedburgh" Edition - limited to only 6 (contact via email for details and pricing)

Prints include the artist's signature. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

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