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"Good in the Woods" MACVSOG Giclee Print

"Good in the Woods" MACVSOG Giclee Print

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The Studies and Observations Group or “SOG” of Military Assistance Command Vietnam dispatched Green Berets on some of the Vietnam War’s most dangerous missions - deep behind enemy lines in Laos and Cambodia to interdict the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Their history is storied with SOG Green Berets earning nine Medals of Honor. Long range reconnaissance missions, bomb damage assessments, kidnapping, assassinations and direct action all in the deep triple canopy jungle. Once a recon man had attained the respect of his fellow SOG teammates, he was said to be “good in the woods”. This print depicts a recon team deep in the Laotian jungle. The team includes the Montagnard mercenaries who the Special Forces soldiers came to love so dearly. The recon man on the team’s far left carries a cut-down communist RPD machine gun while the other SOG men carry the XM-177 carbine. Each museum quality Giclee print measures 25" x 19".

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